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Thread: Not Sure JBL C52 Opus

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    Not Sure JBL C52 Opus

    I have been given a set of C52 speakers from 1962. they have not been used but one of the speakers has a SE 402 amp in it. I am not sure if it is rare or what to do with it. if someone could give me an idea of what it is, how to hook it up or what it is worth. the speakers in both cabinets are le10b low \, LE+H91+L92 with LX6 network. like i said they are new out of the box.

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    Even in "new" condition, the woofers will need attention... the old "lans-a-loy" surround material will need to be replaced or rejuvenated. Without addressing this, the speakers will be very thin and bass shy, and if they are driven hard the woofers could be ruined.

    Only one has the energizer amp?

    As for worth, if you goal is to make a pile of money and you have little or no interest in these, just take some pics, put them on ebay and find out what happens... there are no hard and fast rules... speakers that sell for $400 everyday occasionally sell on eBay for $1200 and conversely the opposite also happens from time to time. NOS for an obscure speaker like yours is interesting but impossible to guess at a reasonable price.


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    I've seen one other pair of these discussed here:

    SE402 appears to be a two channel amp, RCA/phono plug in, push terminals out,
    so connect a "preamp out" level signal to the inputs and run wires from the
    terminals to each LX6 crossover input.

    As Widget said, value could be all over the map, depending on interest.
    It's an odd pairing of low efficiency woofer and high efficiency horn.
    Knowing whether the compression drivers are LE75 or 85 will be
    of interest to a buyer.

    They'd make a cool rear channel speaker for an Olympus or Apollo based

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    Thanks for the information. i got some work to do to give someone a chance to own these classics.

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