New here,
I have a pair of Altec 811B horns, one with the 807-8A HF driver.

No cabs, no woofers... nothing beyond that.

What I'd like to be able to do is build a versatile test-bed cabinet system
using these horns and drivers.

Applications: Musical instrument amplification and HiFi stereo

I understand the driver was targeted toward musicians.
I think I read that the Symbiotik diaphragm is no longer avail but can be replaced
with an aluminum diaphragm.
I also understand that it is rated 30 watts RMS. I don't know if the aluminum diaphragm
reduces this rating or not.

This also leads me to be mindful of amplifier's watt output per channel. I certainly don't want
to cook the driver.

My question is how to go about making a crossover for this driver
I understand there is high pass filter, a low pass filter and bandpass filter, which I believe
are used in the 3-way crossover systems, while there is only a high and low pass for two-way systems.
I could be wrong.

I believe a basic passive crossover's components would include:


Values unknown.

Anyway, I guess I am asking for directions to where I can find way to integrate this driver system
to a variety of amplifier power output ranges and... the crossover that protects the driver yet is well balanced
with whatever LF drivers that I may choose.

Is there such a thing as a filter that simply cuts frequency off at a certain point so this horn could be hooked
up to almost any LF speaker combination? ala a simple filter that prevents any audio below 800Hz from reaching
the driver, yet the LF side is not necessarily hooked up to a speaker as the horn is tapped off the main speaker?

Sorry I wish I knew what to ask. Still learning.