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Thread: Altec A4 questions

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    A single 18" bertha style cab is called an Emerald and when you put two together I think it adds a bit more punch than a Bertha given the added stiffness and material.

    There are four of these in a club in Old Montreal, (unfortunately closed for the time being due to mismanagement..)

    I def want to build four Emeralds as their sound is tremendous. loaded with 2242H.. A single Crown Macrotech 3600VZ is tight on the sub bass.


    As for this config for Stereo Montreal

    This was a reference class system. I can tell you that I had listened to this system loud for hours on end..

    When I played on her at low volumes, the dynamics would fill the room, vocals were like the singer was in front of you.

    The room had acoustical challenges but it was a giant beautiful monster & I miss her. this was an analogue beast.. Stereo is now a digital system.

    If you want dynamic range this was the best system I ever heard.. it was slightly underpowered so at high volumes it would be slightly limited.

    6 stack system btw.

    Quote Originally Posted by Lee in Montreal View Post
    If I had an industrial loft and no neighboor, I'd go the Bertha way... and maybe I'd be reasonable and only build two singles instead of the usual double woofer units...

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    Quote Originally Posted by biglovesam View Post
    Is there any member who has a 310 cabinet ? Would like some pictures . Also I am wondering if the horn should be wider with using a 21" speaker ? Is there any other threads on the A4 A3 A2 A1 210 211 or 310 , some more pictures to add to my Altec album would be nice .
    You're welcome!

    Horns must be designed based on its T/S specs for best total performance. The various VOTT designs are all truncated designs to only fill in a relatively small portion of the driver's total potential cab loading BW below its break-up modes BW, so the odds of the 21" performing well in a 210 cab is virtually nil. Ditto the Shearer W fold horn.

    So, what driver and its measured specs and frequency response? Or at least factory published if its known to provide accurate enough data for horn design.


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    It sounds awesome !

    I will sand the face where needed and paint it with expoxy paint . The lows are great and the amount of mid-range get so loud , I was not expecting such loud mid-range like you would get from a stack of 8 12s . I need to make some money now so I can buy more and build a W cab with extensions shearer-bertha-emerald type , I want to get the max low bass amplified output . I am running it bridged to a Berhringer Europower 4000 , I never let my amps clip blinking red and I wounder if a top brand amplifier would not clip and push it harder ? .4000 watts Name:  100_4531.jpg
Views: 2585
Size:  166.4 KBName:  100_4532.jpg
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Size:  149.6 KBName:  100_4539.jpg
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    • 530 mm (21 in)

      Nominal Diameter
    • 4 ohm
      Nominal Impedance
    • 4.2 ohm
      Minimum Impedance
    • 4000 W
      Continuous Power Handling
    • 2000 W
      Nominal Power Handling (AES)
    • 96 dB
      Sensitivity (1W/1m)
    • 30 - 1000 Hz
      Frequency Range
    • 153 mm (6 in)
      Voice Coil Diameter
    • Copper
      Winding Material
    • Glass Fibre
      Former Material
    • Neodymium Ring
      Magnet Material
    • 30 mm (1.18 in)
      Winding Depth
    • 12 mm (0.5 in)
      Magnetic Gap Depth
    • 1.2 T
      Flux Density


    • Triple Roll
      Surround Shape
    • Radial
      Cone Shape
    • Neodymium Ring
      Magnet Type
    • Double Silicone
    • T-Pole
      Pole Design
    • 190 dm3 (6.71 ft3)
      Recommended enclosure volume
    • 33 Hz
      Recommended tuning frequency


    • 32 Hz
    • 3.4 ohm
    • 0.31
    • 7
    • 0.3
    • 200 dm3 (7.00 ft3)
    • 1680 cm2 (260.40 in2)
    • 2.2 %
    • ± 15 mm
    • ± 16 mm
    • 460 g
    • 32.5 Txm
    • 1.5 mH
    • 103 Hz

    Mounting and Shipping info

    • 547 mm (21.5 in)
      Overall Diameter
    • 527 mm (20.7 in)
      Bolt Circle Diameter
    • 508 mm (20 in)
      Baffle Cutout Diameter
    • 261 mm (10.3 in)
    • 16 mm (0.63 in)
      Flange and Gasket Thickness
    • 16 dm3 (0.56 ft3)
      Air volume occupied by driver
    • 18.5 kg (40.7 lb)
      Net Weight

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    I got the materials for the next box !

    For now I am going to make an adapter so I can use an 18" sub in my 211.21 box , until I can afford more 21s . My next box I'm building size 6'2"x47"x25 will hopefully go down to a few hertz , I looked at W bins Shearer Bertha Emerald Tuba and Titan and come up with my own design . I'm also trying to sell of my odd speakers so I can get more 21s and I need better amplifiers . I am running this monster with a Behringer Europower 4000 bridged and its not enough , the amp clips way to easily and I am not going to fry my 6" voice coil . Was looking at a Crown 5002VZ on auction but the price keeps going up and the others online are already above $1500 . Hears my one Altec piece I am going to sell

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