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Thread: woofer repair

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    woofer repair

    Hello all. I'm new new here, as well as to the JBL world, however, I did jump in the deep end; I picked up a set of L-50's first, then a set of L-100's ( non century model, with the orange logo), and now I have a 2nd. set of L-100's(these are the centurys) on the way. One of the woofers has a tear that the seller says has been pro. repaired. I like to know if there is a product out there that can do the job in case the guy is not being quite honest. Also, any info on these 3 speakers would be wonderfull. Thanks much.

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    1st things first, welcome aboard! glad to hear others are being infected with our particular brand of sickness.... hahahaha just kidding...

    well, if someone is paid to perform a woofer repair --does that make it a "professional repair?"

    to my knowledge, there is no factory endorsed repair technique for repairing a torn cone...
    all i read/see reference to is: recone

    granted there are some of us people who like to re-foam woofers with a deteroriating surrround;
    that practice, however, is also not a factory endorsed practice --
    JBL does not sell replacement foam surrounds

    that being said, seems like a "wait and see" situation to me... maybe all is fine and functionally perfect...

    to find some more info, check out the library....
    also search the website using an advanced google search specifying this site ( ) as the domain to be searched...

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