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Thread: JBL L40 restoration

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    JBL L40 restoration

    I've just taken delivery of a pair of L40s in need of some TLC. The foam on one of the woofers is shot so I'll probably be ordering a Rick Cobb kit.

    I have a few questions about other work though:

    The other woofer has been refoamed at some time in the past. There's a large, messy band of glue around the dustcap. The paper of the cone itself is also a darker shade of black so I'm guessing had been replaced at some point(?). This doesn't look so great but is it likely to make any sonic difference?

    The veneer on the cabs is scratched and stained but mostly good. I can see one decent split on top thought. What's the best way to deal with this? Sand them down then oil and live with the split or is it worth completely re-veneering?

    The grills are mostly complete but missing the foam. The cloth is also looking somewhat ragged. Suggestions? I know it possible to buy speaker grill cloth on Ebay. Should I worry about the rotted foam? I have a cat that like to climb speakers so will probably be running these with the grills on to protect the drivers against sharp claws...

    I brought a pair of L36s back to life a few years ago and have been regretting parting with them for most of the time since so really looking forward to getting these running. They're not exactly the tidiest examples but so few JBLs come up in the UK 'beggars can't be choosers'!

    Thanks in advance for your help!

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    Hey Paul, one thing I'd try as far as the cabinets are concerned is a product called: Howards Restore-a-finsh. It comes in several shades so you can match your cabinets. I tried it on a pair of ADS L1290s I was restoring and it worked like magic. You just simply rub it on the cabinet and it literally makes scratches, water rings, fading dissapear. Follow it up with Howards Feed and Wax and I think you'll be amazed at how good you cabs will look for a little money and some elbow grease. Good luck!

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