Hello guys !
It has been one year since I haven't posted to this forum.
I want to start a DIY project but I'am not sure what to do. My wish is to build 4355 cabinets and buy all the original components with cc networks but ..I also heard that 4345 are great 4 way speakers.
I read a lot of postings here on this forum and saw that more prefered are the 4345.
I do not like to listen very loud (Very rare over 50W) but I 'am looking for a good clear dynamic , Bi-amplified JBL 4 way sound. My room is probably 20 square feet.
I have my 4333A for 2 years and i am very happy with them , just looking to go 4 ways and because my bugget does not allow me to purchase all the drivers at once and I will buy them probably from ebay and from this forum in time.
I would need your opinion on this one.