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Thread: johnaec: Lest We Forget

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    Today would have been John's 61st birthday.

    One of the unintended consequences of forums like this is keeping the spirit and knowledge of someone alive long after they're gone. In this case, that's a good thing, because I like to reread some of John's comments from time to time. The veracity of them does not change, and it's often a stark contrast to those who end up on the ignore list.

    Thanks to Lansing Heritage for introducing me to John and for keeping his legacy alive.

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    it's interesting how the medium of the internet has allowed so many to connect closely...
    and facilitated many 'blow ups' as well; due in part at least to the lack of comminucation cues being shard by those communicating.....

    for those who are able to transcend the medium and foster positive relationships
    online -- making contributions to other lives, helping folks -- as johnaec no doubt is counted amongst this group of members -- even in his passing...

    as evidenced by the annual remembrances by folks who had had (sometimes limited) interactions with the man....

    Rest In Peace johnaec,
    it's a beautiful day today in Colorado....
    I trust it's beautiful where you are sitting also...

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    Another Valentine's Day and another remembrance of what would be John's 66th. It's a privilege to look forward to my 66th in a couple months--one I never take lightly as John was always two months my senior.

    My dad celebrates 92 this Friday, so he's here this week with his wife, chaperoned by his grandson (my son) who picked them up at their Ohio residence and flew with them out to the west coast.

    We've toured several Central Coast wineries these past two days, and today, I raised a glass to John. They don't know anything about him, so I saluted him in silence. I walked a little further down memory lane with a Scotty tale, a whopper of a Rolf recollection, and a Zilch memory. It was as though they had never left.

    Fond memories of fond chaps on a great, sunny day in California.


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    Thanks for the memories!

    There are several here who were gracious enough to help me and are no longer with us. Scott was one of them. Even though we never met, I will also fondly remember these gentlemen:

    Tom Loizeaux
    Steve Higgins (steveh)

    It's a nice touch that their profiles remain within this group. Steve and I had talked about my visiting his home in Florida but, sadly, there wasn't enough time.
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    Thank you for todays contributions.
    Threads like this make it a fine location.

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