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    Wood Horns Take II

    I decided to build a few more wooden horns but needed to reduce the brute force required using the belt sander. I copied a shop jig from a photo posted a few years ago from a fellow DIY in HK. Thanks to a few basic AutoCad skills I was able to put the router roller coaster together. After a few modifications, I was able to carve the proper slope for the A-290 in a fraction of the time required with the belt sander. I glued up a stack of Tiger wood for my test case and everything looked very promising. The next step was to try the jig system on the VERY EXPENSIVE Padauk. This is my first time using this exotic hardwood and will also be my last. My normal go-to adhesive has been Titebond II for several years and has always proved to be strong and reliable. In this case with the Padauk there is something that causes the glue to go into suspension instead of drying and bonding as it should. I have stumped the so called experts and have so far tried six different types of glue. I will give epoxy a try today. The second and third photo shows the wet glue after four days of being clamped in a heated shop.This is killing my shoestring budget. At $8.25 a board foot I will not obtain very many BTU's for the buck when I chuck this project in the wood stove.
    The plan was to pair up the Padauk A-290's / 2450SL's horn combo with my ME150's for a K2 style project. I think I will set this project aside, have two or three Black Butte Porters this evening and start on my 250Ti clone project instead.
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