Hi All;

I have a DBX 4800 in my home main system and have been digging deeper and working to learn and exploit it's capabilities to the fullest extent. My speaker system is fairly well developed meaning that changes in delay, cross-over points, slopes and EQ bring more negatives than posatives after long term evaluation. This system is taylored to my tastes and I realize that it may not be reference correct in many/any way(s), but it is after all mine, and I am very happy with it. Being however that nothing is perfect, the single largest issue would be that I have two EQ settings for low and high level listening, basically a loudness function to bring up the VLF/LF at low levels, even with two GTI1800's for subs.

Enter the Auto Warmth insert. This is a threshold adjustable, curve adjustable insert that when properly integrated has absolutely no artificial sounding artifacts, at all. I can't find the words to describe how much of a posative difference this has made in my low level listening enjoyment, this insert alone is worth the price of admission of the 4800. Now, at any level, with any source material, the sound is full. It does not jump in and out, it's invisible and it's just,,plain,,, perfect. Sorry to gush! You just gotta try this thing!

There are at least two others here with 4800's, are you utilizing the Auto Warmth insert?

Alll the best,