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Thread: Proper Driver packing tips needed

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    Proper Driver packing tips needed

    I need to ship 2 2226 cores and want to ensure they get there and then back. I planned on installing bolts, nylon washers and nuts onto the drivers being face-to-face.

    My boxes are 275 lb test rated and are going to be 18"x18"x18" (1/4" wall with UPS recommended weight capacity up to 80 lbs.)

    Industrial duty bubble wrapped with 1" foam installation top, sides and bottom.

    Does this look like it will work for 2 2226's? Should I use plywood and 2x2 wood corners?

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    I'd -suggest- not bolting them together,
    using plywood (matching box interior periphery) on each face,
    many layers of cardboard behind the magnets,
    putting them in separate boxes, then putting both boxes
    into the larger one (if shipping is cheaper that way).

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    And if they are cores, sometimes you can remove the magnets and remount them inside of the frames to save space and have a more balanced load.
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