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I try to use the most gradual slope that I can in the active XO.

EJ (back to lurking mode...)

Thanks for the helpful hint EJ. There are alot of personalities here. Like anywhere I think that sometimes, people are just having an off day.

Some seem particularly sensitive to proper forum etiquette, especially if they see a post as trolling or thread-crapping. I can see their point. It's hard to look for useful information sometimes when one has to wade through alot of non-information.

Agreeing with what I see as Dome's position, I think that the forum could be a friendlier place. It's often only in hindsight that a post may not have been very helpful or useful to a thread. But if we can't always have useful posts, hopefully we can have some fun in the process. Speakers are a fun hobby, and we could emulate that example more.

The best way to let others get to know you is to participate. They haven't thrown me out of here yet, so join in!

Welcome to the forum!