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Thread: possible subwoofer?

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    Hey Byron,
    If you decide to keep the original volume you can change the port-area to get a better compromise. Go for a total of 400cm2, ie 100cm2/port, when placed rearwall/floor(1*Pi). If going for corner placement(,5*Pi), 300cm2 is a good start.

    For those wanting to cut a 4560, you should cut all above the horn(all reflex-openings at the bottom) and also block the cavities at the hornsides. Volume will then be below 150dm3. Looks OK in 1,0*Pi:
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    So...I still haven't done anything about all of this. I am pondering either building a Tuba HT or something similar. Or perhaps I could try to locate a pair 4520 bass horns instead? I am not sure at this point which direction to go...I still don't quite understand the past few posts regarding changing the cabinet volume, etc.
    thanks again,

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