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Thread: EISA award for JBL Studio 190

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    EISA award for JBL Studio 190

    "Striking from the first glance, JBL’s ‘Weave’ design ensures its Studio 190 floorstander will stand out from the crowd. This three-way loudspeaker, which includes a pair of 165mm bass units, sounds powerful, dynamic and detailed, offering a great insight into all types of music – including movie scores. Crucially, while the Studio 190 has an exotic appearance, it remains easy to drive and is the ideal partner for a great many entry-level amplifiers and AV receivers. So much loudspeaker, so small a price tag – how does JBL do it?"

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    About that video . . .

    ". . . as you have no doubt noticed, no one told the 4345 that it can't work correctly so it does anyway."—Greg Timbers

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    Quote Originally Posted by BMWCCA View Post
    About that video . . .

    he he he he ...

    beautiful speakerz, like shellz on the beach, like gentle guitar music ...
    like the grains of sand, like beauty .....

    if you are American, you just don't understahnd -

    E I S A - its just not for you ...
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    That's actually pretty cool. Who'd have thought?

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