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Thread: electronic crossover

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    electronic crossover

    Hi People, Thanks

    electronic crossover tri-amping recommendation

    I'm tri-amplifying:

    Single Ended Pentode 6550: bass, woofer 150w tru-sonic
    300B Triode Single Ended: mids, Edgar Tractrix horn with
    JBL LE5-2
    71A: Triode Single Ended: high, Selenium 220ti with
    HM 17-25 selenium horn

    crossover: please do not tease( Pyramid PR-3000) Bass 720HZ, Mids 720khz 6Khz- Hi>6KHZ

    I am looking for a decent crossover to replace the Pyramid
    I've seen Aschley , Behringer, Samson, which
    recommend, Thanks
    Diy amps: 2A3,300B,45,71A

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    Highly Recommended !

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    ...and since you are obviously into tubes they do make some fine tube crossovers as well as less expensive solid state units. The Marchand products are not as flexible as the units you mentioned, but they absolutely sound better.


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