Hi everyone

I am doing my 2 way project with JBL 2235H (8Omh) and LE85 (8Omh) with horn H91. I have just finished building a 5cf vented box for 2235H. The LE85 with horn is put on top of the 2235H box. I am now having a headache for the crossover because I am not good at technical things.

I am looking at the crossover calculator and check up the 2nd order Butterworth crossover at 800Hz which show below:

C1 = 17.58 uF
C2 = 17.58 uF
L1 = 2.25 mH
L2 = 2.25 mH

I am also wondering should I use the above calculator for my speakers or I can follow the design of L200B crossover network but it use LE85 16Ohm. I am not sure if that network can be used with my LE85 8Ohm?

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Could you please help me which one I should follow or if you have any other better ideas would be highly appreciated.