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Thread: 5th LHS Germany Meeting

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    5th LHS Germany Meeting

    Hallo All:

    On Friday Sept. 16th we will hold the 5th Lansing Heritage Germany gathering. Our last one was in July 2009. Last year HP and I simply could not make the schedule work.

    The location is HP's Blues Garage in Ober-Erlenbach/Bad Homburg. I expect the group waill start to gather early in the afternoon and the party usually goes until the bier is gone. Please contact HP via email if you need help with local accomodations - There are several places within walking or crawling distance of the garage.

    I hope to see the regulars there and there are several new JBL fans close by that have surfaced over the past couple of years. All are invited so please let me know and post your attendance here in this thread.

    KenRick Sound will be there in full force this year. My good friend and partner Kenji (jimlanfreek here on the forum) will travel to the Blues Garage from Tokyo. This will be his first time in Germany. He is surely looking forward to seeing new sights and drinking good bier however his biggest excitment is to participate in a Blues Garage event. I promised him a good time.

    I'll soon start emailing all the old attendees (Claus D.- Peter B.- Guido B. - Florian J. - Eckhard - Wolfgang S. - Rich S.) and recruiting the new guys. Hopefully our 5th will be the biggest one yet.

    Regards - Rick

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    Thats it !

    Rick ,

    I'm looking forward to this .... !


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