Hey Ruediger,

OK, but "may" could go for any horn, good or bad. Still in my opinion the best horns for HiFi today are with the same flare all the way. About the biradials I don´t know as I haven´t examined them, but they sound OK. Would be nice if you showed their design.

Did some Googling and found they are CD horns. Keele did the EV HR series and after that, at JBL in order to get around some patents, designed the Biradials. Looks nicer to me as they are smoother without the edge(?) when going from exp to conical. Read that paper long ago so I don´t remember the explanation.

Can´t find the word "guessing" in my answer to you. I mention "guesses" after my answer to you, about a subject that wasn´t directed to you mainly.

I used it after having seen 1" adapters here with designs that must have been based on guesses.