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Thread: Greatest Concert/s EVER!

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    If you can't use Cousin Dupree as a demo for your system to impress folk, I don't know what will!
    I agree I use that as a demo disk as well and I like the music which makes it really enjoyable.

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    Quote Originally Posted by hjames View Post
    I dunno, if you aren't demoing with the 20th anniversary SACD of Brothers in Arms,
    you're missing out on peak sound. The old disc is flat next to that.
    I can totally see how that would be the exact scenario. I've heard a few SACDs and they do sound amazing, the implications are pretty scary though, does one update a vast collection of cd's, especially for us loonies, knowing that one's favorite albums are available in SACD format can be quite detrimental.
    A bit of a catch 22.......but man those CDs do sound great, not cheap though, for me its best not to think about it too much
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    A gig I can add to the long list I made last year, saw George Duke with his band last November 2011 at the Jazz Cafe. Absolutely fantastic!! He did amazing fusion, Brazilian, some Zappa type stuff and George Clinton type stuff, what an amazingly versatile musician with a great sense of humour.

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    As a senior in HS (1967) , there was an opportunity to hop a ride up to Monterey
    for the "International Pop Festival", 3 day ticket for $7 as I recall.

    Dad wudn't let me miss school

    couple of name groups there ..

    Cancellations and no-shows

    Several acts were also notable for their non-appearance.
    The Beach Boys, who had been involved in the conception of the event[10] and at one point scheduled to headline and close the show, failed to perform. Their failure to perform was caused by a number of serious issues plaguing the group. Firstly Carl Wilson was in feud with officials for his refusal to be drafted into service for the Vietnam War. The group's new and radical album Smile had recently been aborted with band leader Brian Wilson in a depressed state and unwilling to perform live with the group (he hadn't performed live with the group since late 1964). The group also felt that since Smile had not been released that the older material they had available to perform would not be favorable with the audience. Their failure to perform permanently damaged their reputation and popularity in the US, which would their replacement album Smiley Smile chart lower than any other of their previous album releases.
    The Beatles were rumored to appear because of the involvement of their press officer Derek Taylor, but they declined, since their music had become too complex to be performed live. Instead, at the instigation of Paul McCartney, the festival booked The Who and the Jimi Hendrix Experience.
    The Kinks were invited but could not get a work visa to enter the US due to a dispute with the American Federation of Musicians.
    Donovan was refused a visa to enter the United States because of a 1966 drug bust.[10]
    Captain Beefheart & The Magic Band was also invited to appear but, according to the liner notes for the CD reissue of their album Safe As Milk, the band turned the offer down at the insistence of guitarist Ry Cooder, who felt the group was not ready.
    According to Eric Clapton, Cream did not perform because the band's manager wanted to make a bigger splash for their American debut.
    Dionne Warwick and the Impressions were advertised on some of the early posters for the event, but Warwick dropped out due to a conflict in booking that weekend: she was booked at the Fairmont Hotel and it was thought that if she canceled that appearance it would negatively affect her career.
    Though the logo for the band Kaleidoscope is seen in the film, they did not perform at the Monterey Pop Festival.
    Although The Rolling Stones did not play, guitarist and founder Brian Jones attended and appeared onstage to introduce Hendrix.
    Though it was long rumored that Love had declined an invitation to Woodstock, Mojo Magazine later confirmed that it was Monterey they had rejected.
    The promoters also invited several Motown artists to perform and even were going to give the label's artists their own slot. However, Berry Gordy refused to let any of his acts appear, even though Smokey Robinson was on the board of directors.
    The Doors did not appear because the coordinators forgot to invite them. John Densmore, the band's drummer, in his book, "Riders on the Storm", expressed his belief that they were not invited because their music didn't express the ideals of the time, Peace and Love.
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    Too bad you didnt get to see the show Tom, if all those names would have shown up it would have potentially rivaled woodstock, though in those few years difference (67-69) a lot of those bands really evolved into something totally different from what they were in 67. In particular the Who, Stones & Kinks (these come to mind right away though I know there are others), to this day I dont really care for their early offerings, hadnt come into their own afaic.
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    I can't even remember all the concerts I've been to, maybe that's because of the condition I was in at the time...anywho, different concerts have different personalities, to say one is better then another? I don't know, but the worse concert was Helen Reddy, she played for 20 minutes then left! Even the local newspaper told her she was never going to be invited back. The most fun concert was The Beach Boys, it was just a fun time, all the band members were there too, even though their voices had gotten old and they couldn't hit the high notes - no one cared. The best rock concert was Boston. The most audience party time concert was the Rolling Stones. The strangest due to being just myself and a friend was a War concert...strange because we were the only white people! The best guitar concert was Santana. Best Blues concert was BB King. The best Jazz concert was a toss up between Sade and Boney James. The best R & B was Curtis Mayfield.

    Please note, I'm not saying those were the best concerts ever, just the best I've ever went to. There were some concerts I wish I could have gone to that I'm sure may have exceled a few of the ones I listed.

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