Material:- solid timber Africa ebony
Grade:- weight 915 Kilogram per cube meter

Size:- 36.00 X 21.65 X 20.65 inch,
Room size:-5.2 cube feet
weight:- over 180 pound each, 360 pound pair

transducer:- 15 inch JBL 1501 K2 version

Reference frequency 220Hz
Power handling R.M.S 400Watt, Peak 600Watt
Impedance DC 6.5 ohm
Impedance AC 7.65 ohm at fo 39Hz
Efficency SPL 96dB at 1 watt 1meter
Maximum SPL 120dB (39Hz-680Hz)
Frequency response 1# 33Hz- 750Hz 106dB SPL +3 / -0 dB
Frequency response 2# 20Hz- 750Hz 120dB SPL -9 / -0 dB
Distortion 1.35 % at 106dB SPL

This may be is my last enclosures design, Over 7 months work on the solid timber, each step is need very carefully handling. So, many scrap parts. lossing some money. A first one born on the world
100% ebony solid timber enclosures.

Today Africa ebony market price between US 8,000.00 - 15,000 per cube meter.
major is the width, enclosures baffle width need over 21 inch, these material not much right now!, So, this pair enclosures is very high costly. Four pieces raw solid timber is over US5,000.00, size is 36 X 22 X 2 inch. I'm will post up all the photo to web including the data result of this pair enclosures and all electrical performance testing.

This is workshop

Wood cutting

ebony wood cutting