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To put the level down is not a hack, but instead a proper way to setup gain structure.
99% of the hiss problems when using DSPs are related to an improper setup.

There are many threads discussing "gain structure" here and on many sites.

I suspect your DBX 4800, even if it's a very good unit and better than the Behringer, will also introduce hiss in your HF if the gain of your amplifier is all the way up.
They are not all they way up.. I think they are about 20% max. But how would you use the JBL presets for example? They assume, that the amp gains are set the same for both LF and HF. The same goes for the Synthesis systems which use SAM1HF/SAM2LF. The DBX should perform equally to the BSS London units (at least according to specs). But I'll try the DBX in a couple of weeks and see how bad the hiss is.