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Thread: This is the best place on the web

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    This is the best place on the web

    OK all you people, Just gotta say that this place is great for anyone that loves JBL. And a real tight bunch of people here too. People that really care! I am glad to be a part of it. Thanks guys

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    It really IS a great site, and good guys. If you are enamored of JBL past and present, it don't get any better..............the opinions are well-considered and trustworthy, and contain a depth of experience not seen much elsewhere.

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    I still like The Hun and Wicked Weasel......but ah; yeah! this site is the best *&^)@*#&(*&!#$ audio site!!!!!

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    Originally posted by dancing-dave
    I still like The Hun and Wicked Weasel......

    This site really deserve the name "knowledge base" unless other sites like MS......
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