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Thread: 044-1 vs 044Ti

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    044-1 vs 044Ti

    While at Dome's today, we had the opportunity to closely compare the two black-cased
    drivers (one, a black-cased 044 with golden dome, the other with an 035Ti-looking dome).

    Much is the same, but they are -not- interchangeable as units or the parts within...
    Obvious is the 044Ti has threaded mounting holds for mounting where the screws go
    through the front of the cabinet, where the 044-1 mounting holes are not threaded, for
    rear mounting.

    Less obvious, is that the hole for the dome in the 044Ti is quite a bit larger, to allow
    for the diamond pattern surround to radiate (if the 044 case were substituted, the
    surround would be covered, and possibly interfere with the edge of the case hole).

    Perhaps even less obvious, the very brief/minor horn-like loading of the 044 case is
    extended and less abrupt in the 044Ti case.

    A thought: unless one has an 044Ti case, there is little point in pondering whether an
    035Ti diaphragm will fit an 044 magnet assembly.

    The photos attached should help (cell phones are improving in some ways ):

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    Yes, to the casual observer, the differences are insignificant, but a careful looks says, "Oh no, don't mix and match. All in all an "H-ha!"moment.

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