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    Sub Project

    I have a choice of 2- 2235's or 2- k151's.

    Running klipsch la-scalas and want to pick up where the klipsch drop off in the low end and provide some additional LOW end.

    What would be your choice of the two drivers to use for this application? This is for music and ht use.

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    If it is a choice between those two models I would go with the 2235 as the K151 is a musical instrument speaker. You might want to also consider the 2245H as it is 18" and well suited to sub.

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    2235, no question.

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    heh... mr. contrarian here.

    LaScala's don't go so low, and are very efficient.
    If you happened to have room for folded bass horns...
    and were more concerned with LF impact than real-sub duty...

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