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    001 Help Needed

    I am new to this forum and am glad to have found you.I have used the Heritage Library in the past but never knew there was a forum as well.I recently aquired an EMACULATE stereo pair of the "001" currently housed in Apollo cabinets.Not much tuning going on with these boxes!I have experimented with PCV and balsa ducts,"earballing" the design(s).These crude ports have yielded some improvements mainly in smoothness but nothing notable in the bass region.I invite any suggestions and insight as to how one might maximize the capabilities of these fine old transducers.I have had and do currently own numerous speakers of "modern" design (not JBL) but have never found anything so SMOOOTH.Although these drivers may not be the final word in extension,they are without doubt the most MUSICAL and EFFORTLESS sounding I have ever enjoyed.My amplification is the KT-88 based JJ Electronics 828 integrated.I am into TWO channel only,but do run the "movie" sound through my system when watching video.Possibly, a forum member may be able to supply/build the appropriate enclosures.Thank you for your consideration.
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    Please excuse the incorrect reference to "Rhodes" in thread topic.Should have read "Apollo".
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    001, it turns out, is my favorite sounding JBL system here, at least at low to moderate volumes.

    Provide accurate internal dimensions of the the Apollo cabinets here, and some of the regulars may run it through their box design programs to provide recommended port dimensions for them.

    There's a non-ducted rectangular port in them presently, no? What are the dimensions of that?

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    Apollo 001s

    Thank you for your response.I,too live in the Bay Area,Concord.Yes they have the "ports" that begin and end with the baffle.They measure 3 and a half by 5 and a half inches.I have had too much to drink tonight to provide EXACT internal dimensions but I do know they are approx. the standard 4 (four) cubit foot box.I will provide precise numbers tomorrow.Once again,thank you very much!

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