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Thread: Need to match flat or matte black pain on 4648 type cabinets, suggestions?

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    Need to match flat or matte black pain on 4648 type cabinets, suggestions?

    Have some 4648 double 15" sub cabinets that need touch up. Can anyone recommend a good close match for spray paint for the exterior flat black of the enclosure?

    I suspect its different from the matte black of most consumer JBL speaker baffles - Everyone has recommended Krylon 1613 (or now 51613) Semi-Flat black or Ace Hardware flat black for baffle black.

    So any thoughts?
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    I use Color match from Home Depot and it's less than a Buck a can! Matches great on the JBL Flat Black finishes!!!

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    Rustoleum American Accents semi-gloss black from Lowes is another match. I've used it to touch up a lot of different cabs. I'd expect most flat or matte type paints to not match too well. But maybe I'm thinking of a different finish than what you have.

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