I am again rebuilding my assembly of drivers with the aim of reducing the size as much as possible. I am using two of the 'Audio article' subwoofers per side to 200Hz, crossing over to a 10" and then 375 with slant plates at 800Hz and finally to the bullet. My question is, how much baffle is needed for the small lens plate (ie the one on the JBL commercial monitors). Can the baffle end exactly at the edge and above/below the slant plate?? Or does the baffling have to extend to some degree to allow for the proper performance of the lens? On a similar note, is there a 'best' place for putting the tweeter and 10" midrange vis a vis the 375 horn? I note that JBL uses the tweeter and horn driver side by side (3434) and the midrange below, but in the 3450 has the tweeter above and the 10" (12"?) midrange on the side of horn above woofers. What, in view of horizontal dispersion is most desirable? which is acceptable? which is not acceptable?