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Thread: X-Over for 2226H + 2432H

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    X-Over for 2226H + 2432H

    I am in the last phase of my home theater construction, and I am now waiting for my speakers to be delivered.

    I am getting the 5641 LF-Section (2226H driver in 4507A enclosure) and the 4722-HF top (2432H CD with 2384 horn).

    What crossover frequency would you recommend using? I have seen JBL crossing the 2226H as high as 1khz and crossing the 2432H as low as 630hz... Which frequency would you recommend? I'm interested in as smooth/non-fatiguing sound as possible.

    I know that I'll probably be best to try different freqs out for myself, but while I'm waiting for them, i'll be good to have some opinions.

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    You are going active?? If so just try anything in the range between 630 and 800hz and use what you think sounds best. I would start at 800hz and work down.

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    Thanks for the response! I have played around with it, and have found 750hz to be optimal. The horn/driver does not say much below that.

    When you guys do active x-over, how are you measuring the correct delay etc? My procedure have been to play some pink noise, invert the polarity on the CD and find the delay which gives me the greatest null around the x-over frequency. This will be the delay I use...

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