Hi Guys

I'm new to the site here. Really got the JBL bug over the last year and I've got a good little collection now after sorting out some duds from the ebay. I've got a 212 closed back guitar cabinet with a k120 and a e120, which is pretty sweet, but my favorite sound of all is the single k120 in the open back of a deluxe reverb. I love how it's just a touch less efficient than the weber Blue I had in before and to me the "full-range" sound of the speaker means you hear the "whole picture" of the guitar and amp without getting nailed in the ear whole (unpleasantly) by honky mids and upper mids.

However.... as seems to be pretty common there are some issues. When I first got the speaker there was intermittently some fizzy noise when bringing the amp to high volume and overdrive.

This brings me to nagging JBL question 1. Should these be driven to overdrive or lots of distortion? I've read alot of opinions of people saying they JBLs are good clean speakers, and not good for overdrive. I love them for OD but I'm not hurting them by pushing them full tilt on the DR am I? I can't imagine the little 18 Watter could do anything that bad... say it ain't so! It sounds so good!

Then, back to the fizz. Anyway the fizz went away at high volume, I figured perhaps there was a bit of dust or sand or glue or something rattling around in there under the dustcap, which to me explained why it would be intermittent. Then all of the sudden a month or two ago it switched. So now it sounds fizzy at low volume and the only way to clear it up is to turn up the amp volume past 6 or 7, where it's almost always fine now, and then if I bring the amp volume back down the fizzy goes away for a little while at least but will usually come back. I'm pretty sure there's no VC rub. Another plausible explanation I've ready (probably on Weber's site) is some kind of looseness where the magnet structure meets the frame. Any other ideas on what it could be or how to diagnose/repair it.

Much thanks for any insight/answers.