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Thread: Cartridge Options ?

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    Cartridge Options ?

    Hi Yawl !

    I'm about to start a journey into vinyl and trying to understand some very basic questions about cartridges , tone-arms , platter and the subsequent drive mechanism .

    I need to buy a cartridge for my 1200 mk 2 . I have DJ cartridges at present and realise that. although great for heavy duty use , they may not be the best for listening critically.

    My budget to start is $200 . I will be using Pass Pearl 2 phono stage .

    If you folks have the patience , I would like this thread to become a meaty reference , that would include technical info ,ie the difference between MC and MM , as well as your experiences of brand names and specific products .

    Thanks all , Rich

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    Quote Originally Posted by richluvsound View Post
    I need to buy a cartridge for my 1200 mk 2 .
    Denon DL103 or DL103R

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    I recently purchased a new Technics SL1200Mk2. I fitted it with an Audio Technica AT120E/T. I chose that cartridge because I read some pretty favorable reviews of it and the 1200 together online and because it was inexpensive (just what I needed to "get my feet wet").

    But, I see this as a starting point for me. I cannot say how it compares with any other cartridge, only that I'm pretty happy with the sound so far. Also, it's less than 1/2 of your budget, so you should be able to do much better. Please let us know what you end up choosing and how you like it.

    For reference, I'm using a Creek phono preamp.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Guido View Post
    Denon DL103 or DL103R
    I concur (by way of macaroonie's recommendation) ...there is a seller on da bay in Spain who seems to have one of the top prices on DL103's...MC's like the 103 will need transformers.

    Also in use around here is a 1970's Shure V-15T3 (MM) that generates much love.

    there are many types of v-15 and some seem to be better than others , my type 3 (T3) seems to be one of the higher rated ones ..avoid T1 & T2

    MOST MM's can just have their stylus changed when it wears out or comes to an unhappy end , but most MC's cannot ...need to be sent somewhere to be retipped.

    The Denon DL 103 was developed by Nippon Columbia / Denki Onkyo (Den-on) and the japanese radio and television broadcast corporation NHK in 1962. This “standard” DL 103 is still in production.

    The DL-103 is a living legend in audio product history. Denon collaborated with the Japan Broadcasting Corporation Technical Research Laboratories in 1963 to make this extremely reliable, high performance low-output phono cartridge. As the first moving coil cartridge, the DL-103 will always be the standard of reliability in every aspect, even the price. From quality inspectors at EMI and Decca, to recording studios, broadcasters, and music lovers around the world, the DL-103 is synonymous with great sound. The mark of the Denon is excellent tracking, as pops and ticks are pushed farther into the sonic background.
    Price: $229.00
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    I like the Clearaudio Virtuoso Ebony Wood Cartridge that came with my Marantz TT 15S1.
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    I used a Denon D160 with mine. It was a sweet combo!

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