The story is that I have finally finished all of my plans,math and cutsheets for the original Hartsfield toploaders.I will be building one cabinet (or maybe two depending on how this thread goes) as definitive proof that these plans are correct.I have absolutely no use for the finished enclosure or enclosures that will be produced to prove these plans correct.The cost of using good material verses MDF to test these plans is negligible.My question to the group would be, is there anybody interested in financing my build.You would end up with a single or a pair of Hartsfield toploader cabinets in whatever finish you wish.I estimate the cost to be around 2.5K for the finished but unloaded pair of enclosures and about the 1.5K range for a single unit.This will be a one off single or pair and not a production run of the units.So its a first come first served situation as I am NOT going into production.I do not make my living running a woodshop,but have meticulous associates who do.These expert craftsmen will take the time required to get the initial construction values correct on these reproduction beautys.This construction will take some time due to the limited schedule of my woodshops availibility.Finances could be escrowed so that this is a fair and equatable situation.I just thought the group should have first crack at this as opposed to me building and putting them on eBay later.I am not in this particular endever for profit.Please understand that these will be empty cabinets (no grille cloth) and will be constructed on the east coast (Baltimore to be specific) so shipping,installation of grille cloth and loading of componets will be at additional expense to the eventual owners.If this thread offends or is in any fashion inapproprete please have Don delete it.Let me know if anyone is interested.Best regards,Oldmics