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Thread: "new" to me 4311 b's

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bern1 View Post
    junkodesu? He is selling repro black wood grilles with cloth for 43xx series JBL's. How close is the cloth to the originals...or does it even matter? Seems like an ok deal for $50 shipped. I've been trying to get a hold of the fellow (Rick I think?) selling the repro black cloth on this forum but haven't been succesful yet. It sounded like he was running out so I pulled the trigger on Junkodesu' s repros. Hopefully Junkodesu's will look's gotta be better than the shagged originals I have.

    I know some of you like the naked look, it's kind of cool but where these are going I think it's wise to have at least a little "protection".
    Can't say about that seller, but if they're ply, they're probably gonna warp - a lot. I got some from a seller in WA and they warped. "Real" frames would be MDF and much more stable. It's certainly debatable which is tougher, but warpage sucks. I'm looking at them now on the 4310's and one is warped in, the other out. You'd think the dolt would have at least had enough sense to match them.

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    thanks for the warning brutal, now that I'm prepared maybe I won't be terminally disapointed when it happens! I already pulled the trigger on those, don't know if they are ply or not....we'll see and I'll report.

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