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Thread: Aquarius IV Rescue Mission

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    I'll have to take a look at them. I'd rather just replace the Lansalloy on them.

    Regarding the cabinets, that sounds like a good idea since I'm taking them apart anyway I might as well give them a oil job.

    Thanks for hint on the capacitors, also there: If I'm opening them up anyway I'll replace those as well.

    Quote Originally Posted by droh View Post
    They have not manufactured the LE8T-2 for decades, so even a knowledgable JBL person would not have that solution for you. And as I said the design of the LE8T-2 was very specific to the Aquarius IV.

    But there is a good chance that a JBL dealer might be able to replace the surrounds on your drivers, there is no doubt that they need to be replaced, but that is all they really need.

    For the wood cabinets I certainly agree the wood is very nice on it's own. You will be amazed how much better you can make them look by just giving them a good cleaning, a light sanding and a new coat of oil using something like Watco Danish Oil.

    One more thing that might be needed is replacing the capacitors in the crossover, every pair I have worked has had caps that have drifted out of spec.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mr. Widget View Post
    I saw a pair in rosewood once that have really stayed with me.

    Somehow though, a Hartsfield in piano black is different from an Aquarius IV. Also it is amazing that you have had the speaker for some 45 years. I wonder if that is a Forum record! Very Cool!

    My first JBLs were a pair of Dorian S12 bought at Allied Electronics on south Western Ave. in Chicago in 1968. I still have them. 49 years. 3rd from left in my avatar.
    had L25,L36,L40,L120,L222,L300,AquariusIV(2),S1,4408
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    [QUOTE=droh;380188]As I restarted this project I first took on dealing with some of the internal components, here are pics of the crossovers before and after. You'll notice some strange stuff going on here. One of the crossovers had either been repaired or maybe reworked by the factory. It actually shows markings that it might have started out as an LX-12-5 crossover, but the crossover for the AQ4 is an LX12-7. You can also see that the wax cup was opened up, what you can't see is that the coil had been replaced. For some reason they then used that expanding insulation foam instead of wax for the repack.

    I replaced all of the components in the crossovers, the capacitors for obvious reasons, but I also replaced the coils, the one that was in the repaired crossover was wildly out of spec (44mH instead of 2) I'm not sure why it was wrong, it had the correct markings, maybe it was damaged at some point, maybe my heat gun did it in when I removed it.

    The second pic shows the new components in place, the last pic shows the crossovers after I refilled them with fresh bees wax. It all looks much tidier now.

    I also replaced the L-Pads with new old stock exact replacements, plus a couple of new sets of genuine JBL push connectors.[

    Is removing the back input and pot panel a glue free and non destructive process? i find the push connectors very restricting re modern im thinking of that modification too but need to go in as the presence pot is either kaput or needs cleaning..i should also check my xovers as best i can ( being non teccy)

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    This thread has been really informative re the Aquarius 4's

    Would like to register that ;-)

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    Absolutely excellent work droh.
    Truly outstanding.

    There's a pair here in Sydney Australia that could do with some rescuing.
    I'd give 'em a go, but they're just in the wrong place at the wrong time.... [I'm in Melbourne, so not an option.]

    Do a search for "RARA JBL ANTIQUE SPECKERS 1967" on the 'Bay.

    I might be deaf, but I can still hear da bells! (Quasimodo)
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