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Thread: RIP Zilch

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    It's not a surprise, but it is a shock nonetheless.

    Thanks to Widget's general invitation here to attend the audio show in Emeryville last year, I got to see Zilch, as it turns out for the last time. I'm so glad we got to hug before we parted.

    He was joyful and optimistic as was his wont, and we reminisced about the midnight rendezvous in the hotel parking garage in Sunnyvale, his rebuild of my BX63A (which I'm using right now), the Zilch Miracle Cable and more. Grumpy caught a great picture at the show, which I'll repost here.

    He has gone back to the place he came from, and he enriches it with his return.
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    By Far he gave much more to all of us, then we could have ever givin to him in return.

    Very Sad News ! R.I.P. Zilch !

    More Data Less Wank - The Zilchster !!
    "James B. Lansing" = Lansing Manufacturing ~ Altec Lansing ~ JBL

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    Quote Originally Posted by TiDome
    He has gone back to the place he came from
    But not unwept, unhonored, or unsung.

    Aside from here, there's 20 pages of condolences in as many hours on AK.

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    Unhappy So Sad, for sure.

    Life moves on but Zilch will be missed!
    If you can remain calm in a crises, you don't understand the situation!

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    His knowledge will live on in the threads contributed to. RIP

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    Rest In Peace Zilch.

    We were lucky to have had your contribution as a person and the opportunity to discuss our thoughts with you.

    My deepest sympathy to all
    Have Fun - >>> Nessun Dorma - 12 years old <<<
    Best, Joe Alesi

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    So sad to hear. I will miss Evan.

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    A friend is gone from our sight, but not our hearts or mind. His soul has passed on to a better life than we ourselves see. We grieve for our loss, not his.

    You have given many of us a great gift. You will live on vicariously through our projects.

    Godspeed Zilch.

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    Happy trails Evan, you'll always be the Zilchmeister to me.


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    Quote Originally Posted by BMWCCA View Post
    ... It's a palpable loss for our community and most of us never even met the man.
    Quote Originally Posted by 4313B View Post
    He was a gentleman and a scholar. I highly doubt any of us will forget his drive, passion and generosity.
    Great eulogies, men. Evan really found his place in his "Quick and Dirty" DIY work, and advanced it materially over at AK - go there and research his devotion.

    I luckily met him a few times - always gracious, and inquisitive.

    Widget - he was fortunate to have you so close a friend, particularly near the end, and even now. Thanks, from me.

    "Indeed, not!!"

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    Two of the Forum members I actually had the pleasure to meet in person are, very sadly, now gone! RIP Zilchster! I'm sure you and John will have the Heavens Rockin' with a frequency response you can sleep on and all wrapped in blue JBL grill cloth!

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    I will sorely miss the wisdom, wit and humility he brought to us all.
    RIP Zilch


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    I was just reading a past (pm) from Zilch that we had over coarse of time and thinking he’s no longer there on the other end, no more.

    No more sharing pictures of my cat that he liked.

    He even sent me cat scoop though the post a few Christmas back strange? Well it was actually a kitchen utility item for frying. Don’t think I’d use it for frying knowing where it’s been now.

    I just can’t believe he’s not here anymore and for the past few days I’ve been mourning his passing.: Deep down I’m a little sentimental.

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    One of the special members

    Had the pleasure of meeting Zilch while passing through SF on a trip. He certainly was a certified wacko when it came to this wonderful passion we share. He always offered to help whenever someone asked. He went out of his way a couple of times for me.

    So long Evan.....Thanks for being


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    There was so much more to Evan than I (or we) even presumed to know. Many questions I wanted to ask him beyond his passion for music and chasing down the elusive best and final sound system. This was just one facet to a jewel of human being. What little I knew of him- unselfish, fair minded, involved in community, self deprecating to the extreme ("Zilch" for crying out loud). Pass it forward and leave behind a better place.

    Thank you, Zilch.
    David F
    San Jose

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