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Thread: RIP Zilch

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    Quote Originally Posted by Titanium Dome View Post

    johnaec is still listed as a senior member. Did you mean to change that?

    It's not the final answer, but it is a way to at least let those less familiar with the site know that some of our more prolific members are no longer with us.
    Thanks, I overlooked a box that needed to also be checked.


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    I just found this thread

    From the threads I read that Zilch started, I leaned a lot of things. The singular trait that I noticed from his postings was his easy-going manner and the willingness to run additional tests or indulge in what-ifs. His memory will live on through his body of work here. Cheers.

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    I got a new desk (donated through a nonprofit sharing group in LA) for my main office, so had to totally reconfigure the room. In the process, the 4430s, B380, and all the rest had to be moved.

    Plugging it all back together, I remember Zilch asking me to send him the AC adapter for the BX63A and the BX63A itself, which was acting a bit wonky. Somehow he found the problem in the adapter itself, fixed it and sent it back to me, no charge. Of course, I Paypalled him some $$ anyway, 'cuz I knew he'd had to buy new parts out of pocket, but that's just how he was.

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    Really impressed me this sad news, Rest in peace, good trip Zilch
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    Im sorry for this sad news , hope he is doing well now , where ever he is .

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    I'm stunned and shocked. Just to let You know Zilch, I really enjoyed all of your work and will not be the same without You. R.I.P

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    RIP Zilch

    Well like others, I'm saddened at the loss of Zilch. He helped me design a subwoofer, and willingly helped in calculations on all aspects. He made lots of contributions, and deserved the AudioKarma award for Member of the Year. I'll miss his singular wit; and his posts. Unfortunately work has been demanding, and I've spent less time online tis year than in the past; and I missed this thread earlier in the year.

    Like others, while I dont expect to have any health issues, it brings to mind what I'll have my wife to do when my time comes. The idea of the designation and year of death are a great idea.

    RIP Zilch, the forum will miss you; and thanks for your selfless contributions that those of us around LHF for years will remember.
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    I need to connect more on this site, been busy doing too much else.

    Zilch just wasn't a guy posting about speakers, he was a reference and store of knowledge that seemed boundless.

    I can't believe he's gone.
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    I am so new to this hobby and just learned today from reading one of the threads here that Zilch is no longer with us. I have no doubt he'll be missed by many. Thanks for sharing the knowledge with us.


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