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    crown Com-Tech 800

    I just got this amp and would like to know if I can hook it up to my home unit and run my mags ? there are no input rcs on the back ? I am an old man and have no Idea how or if it can be hooked up so any info would be great

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    If I understand your description correctly, you'll need RCA-to-1/4" phone-plug adapters. Your local Radio Shack store should have them.

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    There were a variety of PIP modules or input modules you could have in this amp. It would be good to know exactly what you have. Most have a PIP-BB or PIP-FX.

    The "BB" module is simply wired. Cut off one end of rca interconnects and connect the center wire to "+" and the outer wire to both "-" and ground. For a PIP-FX module, you can get an adapter for XLR to RCA.

    Check the input sensitivity switch(.775v), input mode switch and output mode switches on the amp before powering it up.

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