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Thread: renowned Klipsch brand on the market?

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    renowned Klipsch brand on the market?

    Audiovox, eh? "Non binding" means maybe not but the question is whether Klipsch Group is actively seeking a M&A deal and why? Sure seems that answer is yes. Deja vu all over again.
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    business as usual

    ... and improve our financial performance ... Audiovox shareholders will benefit from the value

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    so Audiovox now owns AR ??? and there are no speakers for sale ?? (mostly ipod/cable crap)

    how did we ever get here ??? Kloss/Vilchur would be turning over in their graves...
    Allright Mr. Lansing, I'm ready for your demo

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    Young folks

    Most of today's young folks wouldn't know high fidelity sound reproduction if it bit them in the butt... All they want to do is diddley-bop with their mp3 players and spend their parent's hard earned money on electronic frivolities. At one time I thought the hippie generation was a group of lost souls...the new models have transcended the lackadaisical attitudes of the hippies by at least one order of magnitide.
    Amazed I'm still alive!

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