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Thread: Output transistors for Yamaha P2200

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    Output transistors for Yamaha P2200

    I have three Yamaha P2200 and one of them is in need of all new output transistors. I bought it after he owner had it fixed by replacing only two transistors. You guessed it. It worked for while and it burned the others, in cascade. No biggie. It has 6 transistors per side, plus 2 on each DC board. Which are the most reliable replacement these days?

    I don't want to perform an upgrade. Just fix to as new.



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    According to what I see, a set of motorola MJ15022 / 15023 would be a close replacement to the 2SA909 / 2SC1586
    15024/15025 is the same but 250Vce so overkill in your case.

    No need for match set since there's a substantial emitter resistor and also a base resistor.

    Just replace both channels and adjust the bias properly.

    Or bring it to me so I do it myself, I have the parts in stock

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