I purchased a pair for these from a local speaker repair shop.
I was told that they are an OEM equivalent to a J350A but they don't match.
Can some one shed some light.

Physical dimens:

5 inch diameter, 2 3/8 tall, 3.5 dia 7/8 tall magnet M/F pair faston connector
vc dia apx 1inch

on back
A-0513-114717 (a part number)
8 ohm

719028 on magnet

Frame style / Colour:

open back stamped steel, Semi Gloss Black.


Dark Grey Paper
with single roll accordian surround (treated cloth)
CP5834-A on cone

8 ohm (from printing) impedance
dcr 7.5 to 7.6 ohm
calculated inductance apx .4 uH

I can post pictures if it will help