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Thread: Real World Frequency Forms

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    Quote Originally Posted by JeffW View Post
    I was under the assumption that that was the entire idea behind building different/better/more accurate systems in the first place, to try to mimic the original source as closely as possible.
    Yes, I managed to state a problem so obvious it should never have seen the light of day. I have since had some sleep for a change wonder why in heck I posted it.
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    I think it was a great question, and am glad it saw the light of day. I sure don't think anything I wrote is the final word on the subject, just as surely as no "perfect" sound reproduction system exists yet. Just look at the myriad of high end system reviews, virtually every one has some niggling little deficiency that keeps it from sounding just like the "real thing".

    So there's still something aside from perfectly reproducing a waveform that our brains and ears can detect as being a reproduction, so still room for discussion.

    I wonder if this isn't a continuation of a previous thread on digital reproduction?

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