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Thread: How far have you driven for JBL's?

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    Is that one-way or round trip? Nice!!! Those just went on the bay today, right? You guys with the JBL Transporters make me sick. My Jetta TDI gets me there and back quite economically but payload, ain't there. Still some room for some 4425's in there, right?
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    One way form the shop. It would have been less than that bothways from my house. These are in fact the ones listed on the bay this morning, one of my buddies from MI alerted me to them. Thanks Jeff!

    I have never seen a pair of these that weren't beat half to death that I could afford, these are near pristine.
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    Every time this subject line pops up, I read it as "How far have you driven Your JBL's" for some reason.

    Sig line is my answer to that.
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    In my naive youth, I found ($100) and sold ($alot) a pair of Sovereign S8Rs at a Salvation Army. The surrounds on the LE's were rotted, and I never even got to hear them. My friend and I borrowed a truck to deliver them from sacramento to los angeles. We only had adam green's jacket full of danger and the grapevine was on fire so they detoured us through a part of death valley. I want to say it was eight hours one way. I know that album pretty well now.

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