Wasn't sure to post this in off topic or here, but here it is, assuming more will see it here and John Lennon was, above all else, about music to most of us.

I was watching Monday Night football when Howard Cosell broke in with the announcement that John Lennon had been shot outside the Dakota. It was truly shocking, and he died.


I was teaching at Western Michigan University at the time, and my first Tuesday class was Film Interpretation with nearly 200 undergraduates. There were no CDs, iPods, Internet streaming, etc., so on Tuesday morning I loaded my L100s, Dual 1219, and Kenwood receiver into my International Scout and drove them to the lecture hall where I played all of side one plus Gimme Some Truth, then dismissed the class and sent everyone home.

The following day and for a couple of years afterward I received notes, cards, and comments from my students about how much it meant to have someone who shared the pain of their loss and the shock of the tragedy that had unfolded. Even today, 30 years later, I wore a Lennon t-shirt all day, even to my interagency meetings and made everyone remember.

Over the top? probably, but do I care?

Tonight, Huiky and I went down to the main floor, cuddled, and listened to three Lennon tunes in the dark--her suggestion, bless her heart--with the K2s doing the honors. So nice, so perfect, so right.


Thanks, John, wherever you are.