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Thread: Small box D123

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    Small box D123

    Hi. I have a pair of the D123 and want to build a nice small box and pair them with for example the 075. Well, any ideas of a small box and what way the drivers will act? Very thanksful for suggestions!

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    you won't get a good low end out of a small box

    My d123's are in a 2.25 cubic ft box. My f3 response is 58 hz! You will need a 4to 5 cubic ft box to get a good low end. Over all they sound great equalized and using great 077 tweeters with them in a 2 way system. Good luck Hans with your system.-RUDY

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    That is a system JBL was selling as long ago as the '50's; they stopped selling it in the '70's, the reason being that by then they felt they could do better (or lower their cost acceptably) at that price point, I would guess. Either way there are better options out there now. Are you after a retro sound?

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    D123 System

    My first DYI project was a D123, an LE20 tweeter and an LX2 crossover in an L100 sized ash wood box. It sounded wonderful -- and I would guess smoother than with the 075, based on my experience with that driver -- but there really wasn't much bass happening. As Rudy notes, getting decent low end out of the D123 requires some serious help, cabinet-wise. One option would be to stay with a smaller cabinet and cross it over (or simply augment it) with a subwoofer. That would be a nice setup. Good luck!

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    "0.5" them in pairs, maybe....

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