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Thread: ID these Altec monitors?

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    ID these Altec monitors?

    Hi all,
    my 1st posting, though I've found this site a great Altec/JBL resource in the past. I have an opportunity to buy some speakers, a nice set of JBL 4312s and some unknown Altec monitors ...can anyone ID these studio monitors for me( (see photos)? Specifcally what components I can hope to find inside? They look related to the 9846 modelsName:  ashley-dress speaker pix 008.jpg
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Size:  97.6 KB,Name:  ashley-dress speaker pix 009.jpg
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Size:  131.4 KB with a 12 inch woofer, two balanced inputs and a "high frequency attenuator" dial on the front.

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    It looks like a homebrew cabinet with Altec components. 414,811 horn,but for the crossover and HF driver you will need to peek inside. Possibly 802C,D with a N800 Xo ?? The woofer looks like a 414. The only way to tell for sure is to open up the cabinet !

    It looks like a facsimile of a 1218 with the front baffle board changed with the N809 XO removed and added the XLR inputs,N800 ? Not 100% sure though.
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    I always liked the 811 with a single 414. With proper attn, sound great!

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