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Thread: JBL Foam Surrounds?

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    JBL Foam Surrounds?

    Do all, or most JBL woofers and mid-ranges have foam surrounds? I am mainly interested in speakers from the mid-70's to early 80's.

    I notice many JBL's of this period need re-foaming of the surrounds. Kinda old and foam rots.

    I am just an average DIY guy so I wonder about the difficulty and screw-up levels of doing it myself. I live in a rural area and the nearest good repair shop is 90 miles away. For me DIY is the way to go for most things.

    On a scale of 1-10 (10 being most difficult) how would those who have done it rate the difficulty level. And who is the best source for the surround foam? Thanks, Jack

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    Well, decide for yourself - here's a link to the Resurround Step-by-Step that Giskard encouraged me to post last year. There some useful pics, and resources, there.

    "Indeed, not!!"

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    I recently refoam a pair of 2121 and LE15A, EASY.

    I am a BELOW AVG DIY person, but I did it and on the scale of 1-10 , it is 2, just follow the above instruction and I got my surrounds fr Rick.

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    i totaly agree with hoto! 2 on the shure to get the surrounds from rick!

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    Thanks Bo

    I saw your "Re-Foaming Instructional" and I thought it was excellent. Just trying to "figger" the DIY level. Cheers, Jack

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    Difficulty Level 2.0.....Great!

    I can do a 2.0 DIY. It's the 8's and 9's that worry me. Bo, just an excellent instructional you have. I think its doable for me. I will probably have a couple questions in the future. Most older JBL's I encounter need foam or cone work.

    This year I plan to replace all the speakers in my home with JBL's...that'll be 4 pair. I am patient and it will take about a year or 2. And I am on a expands.

    Who is the best source for JBL foam surrounds?

    I should really add something. I am very new to this board and have researched it alot. It is just such a great source of information for a "sound nut" like I am. I have alot to learn...but this is a great learning center. Cheers, Jack

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    Who is Rick and where is his email????? Cheers, Jack

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    Who is Rick and where is his email????? Cheers, Jack
    Rick is the best foam suplier for our JBL
    Realy nice guy and fast shipping.


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    Just ordered a pair of Kits from Rick this week
    for my L150 Milleniums. Heck of a nice guy. Plus cheaper than reconing the 'ol dames!!

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