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Thread: My new (not Lansing) DIY subwoofer

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    My new (not Lansing) DIY subwoofer

    Next week I hopefully will receive my new subwoofers, it's not JBL, Altec or anything like that, but a pair of TC Sounds LMS Ultra 5400. I buy a pair of the woofers but I only get one of these "Nautilus" cabinetts.

    The reason why I post this here is of course because of the cabinett, I think it so extremly cool and you wouldn't imagine how much MDF and hours the seller have put into it It's not completly finished yet, it needs a bit more work and of course paint or wood:

    Name:  31540d1207356373-diy-nautilus-sub-lms-sub-3.jpg
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    Name:  31560d1207412948-diy-nautilus-sub-lms-sub-6.jpg
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    I haven't heard them, but the TC Sounds LMS Ultra woofers is said to sound extremly good but time will show if it's as good as my present Aurasound NS15 woofers. I love my Aurasound for music but they could be a thiny bit better when it comes to movies.

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    REALLY nice! Looks like he might have had access to a CNC router.

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    He has infact not been useing a CNC router, it's made by an handheld one

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    Thanks for sharing the cabinet details with the forum. I really like the style and the bracing being used. That woofer looks like it will kick some serious ass.


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    I think it's a fantastic built cabinet, I wish I could do it like this myself and build another as well All sides are at least 40mm thick so it's quite a heavy cabinet, and the woofer inside is quite serious as well with a match weight of 86lbs. In total I guess the cabinet with woofer is aprox 250lbs.

    I haven't got the chance to try this one yet since it's still in transport, meanwhile I enjoy the B460 I received yesterday

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    JBL 4645
    WOW that looks smashing good job and lots of MDF cutting WOW.

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