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Thread: How consistent are JBLs unit-to-unit?

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    How consistent are JBLs unit-to-unit?

    I have 3 pairs of L80Ts, 2 of which need refoaming, one was refoamed by an owner. I bought one pair, then got one free, then got one really cheap. I intend to keep one pair and upgrade to L80T3 spec, and sell the others. I was thinking of taking a pair of woofers with foam that's just barely starting to crack, (thus I know they haven't been run with the cones out of aligment and rubbing VCs or anything) getting those refoamed at a JBL service center, and putting those in the cosmetically best pair of speakers along with T3 Xovers.

    Are there differences in the sound between pairs? I don't really want to take the time to haul all of them out of the basement and drive myself crazy A/B-ing, but I don't want to sell a pair that might not be the best. As long as everything is functioning, are there likely to be significant difference in performance between one unit and the next?

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    Mine all seem to sound the same within the same model. I have two pair of L80Ts, both now converted to T3 crossovers. Foam 'em yourself. Couldn't be easier!
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    I currently have 2 pairs of L80Ts. One set looks to have an aftermarket re-foam job (as JBL never made "foam" kits and no authorized service center should tell you otherwise) and the other has a genuine JBL recone job.

    I see absolutely no difference in sound between the pairs. L100T vs L80T is quite a different story.
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