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Thread: RIP Scott Fitlin...

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    formerly "the city where imagination takes precedence over fact"

    RIP Scott Fitlin...

    Hi Guys...

    just wanted to pass along some sad info. I had come across...

    RIP Scott Fitlin...

    you will be missed.
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    Whoa that's lousy news! All I can say is I hope it's not true! And if it is, I hope everything I learned in church about what happens to great people is true.

    Where ever you are Scotty, I wish you all the best!!!
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    Well that's a hell of a note...

    My condolences to his family and friends.

    He was a very generous person, positive and enthusiastic. He'll be missed.

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    Quote Originally Posted by louped garouv View Post
    Hi Guys...

    just wanted to pass along some sad info. I had come across...

    RIP Scott Fitlin...

    you will be missed.

    That is truly shocking news .

    Scott you will be missed very much , Rest in Peace brother .

    <> EarlK

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    I was hoping that this news wasn't REAL...but seems it is..

    the forum has truly lost a great member. He helped me many times,
    and he was great to "talk" with.., swore I could hear his Eldorado even in Oregon.

    About scott fitlin

    Date of Birth
    January 1st (1948)
    Biography Vott freak
    Location Brooklyn NY
    Interests sex, audio, music, food, sex
    Occupation Self employed

    Quote Originally Posted by Mr. Widget View Post
    I can't believe we've just lost another member of this "family".
    this is an aging "family" ... a double edged sword for sure = lots of experience , but we will
    be losing more friends .
    Some kind of happiness is measured out in miles

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    JBL 4645

    Unhappy Iím stunned!

    Iím stunned! My last chat with Scotty, was on the pm late of last month. I donít believe this.

    Quote Originally Posted by SEAWOLF97 View Post
    I was hoping that this wasnt REAL...but seems it is..

    the forum has truly lost a great member. He helped me many times.
    And moderator as well!

    RIP Scooty mate.

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    Sad news for sure and unexpected...

    Scott and I exchanged phone calls a few years ago concerning a amp purchase.

    He was a straight-up guy and will be missed.

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    Omg !!

    My Thoughts and Prayers go out to Scott's Family and Friends !! R.I.P. You will be missed.
    "James B. Lansing" = Lansing Manufacturing ~ Altec Lansing ~ JBL

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    So sad, Scott was excellent LH member!

    I will miss his posts, lots of real world sound expertise now gone!
    My prayers are with his family and loved ones!

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    I am really going to miss him My condolences to his familly.

    "I could be arguing in my spare time"

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    I am shocked. I talked with him recently on the phone and he was healthy and happy...

    I just tried calling but couldn't get through. He will most certainly be missed. My condolences to his family.

    I can't believe we've just lost another member of this "family".


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    I'm shocked, stunned at this news.

    Scotty and I spoke via telephone a few times...I wanted to meet him and experience the Eldorado and Coney Island. Life is too short to put off some plans....Many things will be missed.

    His enthusiasm for real quality audio will be missed.

    Rest easy, Scott. The next thunderstorm...I'll be thinking of you.
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    That's just heartbreaking news, he was so passionate and enthusiastic. What a loss.

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    Holy WOW!!!

    Scottyj and I talked on the phone MANY times about club sound systems, amps, drivers and his other concerns - drug and alcohol addiction.

    It is no secret that Scott and I had some tough discussions. Mainly centered around the purchase of two Crown MA3600 amps. I sent him the cashier's check in November, and after much prodding by LH moderators, and finally a call to his mother, got the amps in March or April. This was not a good experience, and in the middle of all of this, he and I talked AA and recovery. He would tell me when he was sober and not. He had some internal demons to fight and shared snipets of those with me.

    For a year or so after receiving the amps, I was done talking to him. Then out of the blue, he called me to ask if I was mad at him for the lengthy transaction, and I told him, "yes I am" in a tough love addict/sponser kind of way. We buried our hatchetts in the sand then and there, and then talked about club sound systems once again. He always said he would make it up by sending a couple of Radian diaphragms to make up for the transaction and that never materialized. So again, I just let it go.

    Then, out of the blue on a Saturday night at 11:30pm my time, 3:30am his time, he called to see if I was mad at him, still, for the amps deal. He sounded loaded and I just gently assured him that all was okay and to go to bed.

    I am floored at this news and am adding this story of our relationship here on LH because of the knowledge of sound systems he possessed, and of some of the demons that possessed him. We in the sound/nightclub business meet people like this all of the time, that are so brilliant and passionate about their world, yet find it hard to walk away from the grip that booze and drugs can have upon our entire lives.

    I donot know that circumstances of Scotty J's death, and hope that the causes were natural. He was a great supporter of LH and of the other forums where I have found his name. Lisa and I will miss him and his phone calls. His posts here are forever and his knowledge of JBL, extensive.

    Good luck to you ScottyJ, and rest in peace.


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    Sad News

    I only had the pleasure of talking with Scott via this forum, always helpful and forthright I enjoyed his posts and had hoped to meet him face to face on a future New York trip.

    My sincere condolences to his family and all he leaves behind.

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