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Thread: Room acoustic! Duh!

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    Room acoustic! Duh!

    I've had a pair of Hartsfields sitting at the end of a large very sparsly furnished room with hard floors. I have been monkeying with them for two years. I have tried most woofers JBL made, 150-4c, K145, LE-15, LE-130, D130, 2205, 136A and a TAD woofer. I made new crossovers. I've tried five different diaphrams in the 375s. I've tried 075s and 077s. I wanted to use these for home theater instead of a paragon because of the screen placement problem but I just couldn't get them to sound right. They were heading to Ebay. Well, last week I moved in a pile of furniture; big leather couches and chairs and carpets. My friends were helping the move and we stopped at one point as the speakers were just singing. The word before was "can you turn those big speakers off". Now everybody heads for that room to sit and listen to the music. Wives. Females. Known large speaker haters, really. They have gone from being anoying to being an unbelievable showstopper.

    Now I know how much fun it is to solder little bypass capacitors in crossovers and change out speaker binding posts and buy giant wire but....don't forget the furniture.

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    RTA and EQ, too...

    Similarly useful is the RTA and EQ route, if only because you can deal better with having few furniture, and "live" floors - at least to a degree.

    You've stumbled into the bane of all FOH jobs - at sound check you do what you can to "ring the room" (white noise, RTA, EQ) but once the audience shows up, you start anew - IN A HURRY!


    "Indeed, not!!"

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    Re: Room acoustic! Duh!

    Now I know how much fun it is to solder little bypass capacitors in crossovers and change out speaker binding posts and buy giant wire but....don't forget the furniture. [/B][/QUOTE]


    Been there myself.

    A HUGE improvment with few/many furnitures. AND to choose the right furniture types to!


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    Hi Johnhb,Speaking as a guy who has also owned a few Hartsfields ,after room acoustics the selection of power amps used to drive the Hartsfields was also a critical choice to make them sound as they should.Single ended was my ticket to success.Not loud but "Oh so sweet"Hey try the Paragon as a center channel!! Happy Hartsfield listening.Best regards,Oldmics

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    Hey, there's something to be said for experimentation. I couldn't seem to get a decent image out of my 4333 monitors until recently. I discovered moving my listening position back 2 feet and widening the space between the speakers has not only improved the imaging of the speakers, but the soundstage as well. I can almost say that the speakers disappear from the room when I listen to for it appearing as the "band in my room" theory, I don't buy that. I believe in a playback performance. If I want live sound I attend a live venue. This project involving experimentation with the speaker placement has taken over 6 months to date!!! Notice I didn't say perfect...I'm insane and perfection will never be attained, but I enjoy the quest

    Enjoy the music, and the stereo!!

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