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Thread: HELP with crossover for Altec 604E ( 8 Ohm )

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    Quote Originally Posted by grumpy View Post
    All I can say is the DC resistance LF measurement seems high compared to the
    sparse information that I could find published on the 604E. Someone with more
    Altec experience/knowledge or a known-good/stock unit in-hand to measure will
    have to respond.

    thank you for teh you time !

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    Quote Originally Posted by Alex-impact View Post
    The N1500A is suggested as being a good match at the jmarkwart site.
    N1500A in the jmarkwart site for 16 oHm , as i think ....
    will be compatible with 604E - 8 ohm ?[/QUOTE]

    I built Jeff Markwart modified N1500A crossovers for 604Es and they're insane. The plans are readily available and easy to put together. You won't be disappointed.

    I have a pair of Mastering Lab crossovers and they are like a steroid injection for 604s. However, they're not easy to come by and always very expensive.

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    My 604E's (original, stock) read 11.8 bottom and 8ish top with my meter. I use a 16 ohm for top and bottom. Works very nice.

    The stock crossover for the 604e (1500) should do the trick! I hear good things about the GPA and jmarkwart xo from other friends who also have 604e.

    PS, personally think the 604e is the finest altec duplex


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