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Thread: Some good advice..

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    Some good advice..

    Hey guys im new to the forum and need some info and advice on my new purchase. Just picked up a pair of Jbl l222 discos, is there anyone on the eastcoast who i can call to have them looked at, at the present time my right tweeter goes in and out,the way i get it to work is by giving a tape on the knobs on the back of speaker, its happend only once but it also seems to me that the left one playes louder then the right one. I dont know how to work on speakers so any help would be appreciated. Just want them to sound the way they should and how I remember them as a kid. Thanks Pete

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    Search this site for "cleaning L-pads" (I prefer Google Advanced Search).

    You'll come up with lots of threads simply telling you to rotate the controls back and forth briskly, many full rotations, with the speakers off.

    And more specific threads to your situation like this:

    Or, if all else fails:
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